What we’re doing here

And why we hope you’ll join with us

We’re dreaming. Big.

We’re creating heaven on earth with our thoughts of the new world.

“The more beautiful world our hearts knew was possible” – Charles Eisenstein

And then using the creative power of our minds to manifest our views, as we all emerge from lockdown, isolation, quarantine.

Please join with us.

It’s no accident that you landed here.

Perhaps you’re a big dreamer, too. And perhaps you know how to use the creative power of your mind to shape your reality.

Or perhaps you want to learn to dream big, and manifest your dreams in the world around you.

The more people who share a common thought the more power that vibration is given. The power of the vibration determines the unfoldment of life on this planet. Your thinking is an active agent engaging change on this planet.

Thoughts of health, harmony love …. broadcast  in large enough numbers…  actually changes the electromagnetic field of the earth – which is giving shape to physical reality.

Welcome to our tribe of dreamers of the new earth.