Dark clouds over the old world circus

Dark clouds over the old world surface

In recent days we have seen some signs of divine fingerprints on this pandemic.

Collapse of the status quo is in the air. Witness a few recent developments:

Meat packing plants in the USA have been hit hard by the Coronavirus.

Soon there will be less meat available, thus the prices will escalate. Which means that fewer people will be eating meat.

Almost as if those involved in the daily, repetitive, mindless killing of animals have been specifically targeted; and we’re getting a powerful message to move toward a more plant-focused diet. 

The oil industry is screwed. Extraction wells are shutting down all over the world, because no one is buying oil.

Oil is selling for a negative dollar amount. For the first time ever!

From the article:

what a negative price of $-40 means  is that one could theoretically receive the rights to 1000 barrels of oil and at the same time receive a payment of $40,000. Converting this to gallons, one could receive approximately 42,000 gallons of crude oil and get paid $40,000 in addition to the oil! Think about that – for each gallon of crude oil you could get the crude oil and also get a dollar, only if you could officially store it somewhere.