Do I want to be right? Or do I want to be happy?

Why do I need everyone (other people) to share my version of reality?

It’s like if someone else believes something that I don’t or doesn’t share my perspective about what’s happening, I get upset. I can’t understand why they are so blind to the obvious.

I think that some part of me perceives it as an existential threat to my concept of reality. The very core of my sense of reality and “what is” is shaken and I can’t handle that…it’s scary. So I lash out in an argument, trying to do my best to convince the other people why they are wrong and why I am right.

I get angry, frustrated say things I regret, damage or destroy relationships. The truth is that I end up feeling really shitty inside.

I’m working on letting people believe whatever they want to believe…and really being OK with it. Without calling them stupid, ignorant, un- enlightened, uneducated, dangerous, etc. Letting go of judgement, blame, accusations.

All of that just disempowers me and makes me feel like a victim. (I’m working on being empowered by everything!) Realizing that we all live in our own version of “reality”.

3 people or 6 people or 9 people or however many people that are in the same place at the same time are all experiencing completely different realities. Those realities are based on many different variables. (Much more could be said about this). It all comes down to what we are focused on at the moment and what beliefs, stories, and programs that we have at this stage of our personal development.

These are the things that create our “reality”. There is not JUST ONE REALITY that we all are bound to. Again, it all comes down to focus, attention and programing (social conditioning), as we all have been programmed by society.

As we begin to recognize this fact we automatically experience a degree of liberation.

So, what we allow to capture our focus and attention, which stories we believe and our programs determine our “REALITY”. I’ve come to understand that it’s okay that people have their own versions of reality and we don’t all have to believe the same thing all the time. As long as I can be kind, respectful, loving, understanding of the fact that we all have different valid perspectives.

The world has many different perspectives, and therefore people are experiencing many vastly different realities. My privilege and opportunity are to create my own version of reality….(to the best of my ability) by maintaining my emotional self-control, by focusing and giving my attention to the things that I want in my personal reality, and by becoming aware of the stories and programs (conscious and subconscious) that shape my concept of reality and rewriting them so that my reality is the way I desire it.

I can be free in an unfree world…I can be in this world and not of it….by creating my own real world through the power of focus, intention, and imagination. Without even trying or saying a word, I can let my light shine brightly.

  • Howard 🙏🏼 ❤️ 💛 💙