Co-Creating a New Economy: Regina Meredith and Zeus Yiamouyiannis Ph.D.

Zeus wrote a book in 2012 entitled Transforming Economy: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities

As he discusses in this interview, his book wasn’t a big hit then. But he must have been prescient, because it’s directly related to the time we are in now.

This interview is in complete synchronization with what we’re doing at New Earth Creators.

We hope you’ll watch the entire interview, it’s rich. But we bookmarked the parts we thought were particularly juicy.



22:00   Our temporary world during the transition: quietness, intimacy, mindfulness

23:20   What is your dream for the new economy?

24:30   Interdependency: Intrinsic life qualities

33:45   Our power in the New World

34:35   Flipping the pyramid upside-down

41:20   Two failed money models from the Old World: Hypersaver/wise miser; Pretensive

  • Where are your values?
  • What’s important or urgent for you?

45:00   We’re starting over again during this pandemic. It’s not a failure, it’s a success – compared to the Old World Ways.

46:15   The future of higher education and work

1:03:30  This pandemic – and all its consequences – is just a dress rehearsal. Other pandemics are likely to follow.

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