We are two conscious men who saw the following video, with Bruce Lipton sharing a vision for using the mind’s creative capability to create a world of beauty and harmony during our worldwide “time out”.

Both of us were identically inspired to create a worldwide movement of people devoted to creating a new world on the other side of this pandemic.

A kinder and gentler world. Based on moral values we can all get behind.

We hope you will take the time to watch the video, and listen to your gut. The first 50 seconds is immaterial to the rest of the message. If you start at :50 you’ll see what inspired us.

If you didn’t watch…

It’s OK. Here’s a brief recap of Bruce Lipton’s message:

  • The more people who share a common thought the more power that vibration is given. The power of the vibration determines the unfoldment of life on this planet. Your thinking is an active agent engaging change on this planet.
  • Thoughts of health, harmony love …. And when we broadcast that in large enough numbers … it actually changes the electromagnetic field of the earth, which is giving shape to physical reality.
  • Take our time. Focus our thoughts on health, harmony and a beautiful garden and then collectively we will manifest those.

Who we are

Howard O’Connor

Visionary, spiritual scientist and researcher

Visitor and unattached observer on planet earth.
In this world but not of this world.  Alchemist,
up-lifter, peacemaker, lover, light bearer,
energy projector, miracle worker.
Lives in Mexico

Bob Wuest

Permanent American expat. Serious hiker. Personal growth junkie. Spiritual activist. Cheerleader for the best in you, and me. Lives in The Philippines.

Prolific writer and contributor to Quora and Medium. Author, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness.